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Happy Faces – B Juniors – Grammar

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– 14 Motivating Units
– 2 Teaching Weeks Per Unit
– 28 Creative Teaching Weeks


Unit 1
‘Learn The New Words’

All words are presented in pictures. Use them as a picture dictionary in class and/or at home.
Vocabulary exercises to learn the words in class and consolidate at home.

Unit 2
‘Read The Story’

A grasping story for each unit which includes the vocabulary taught and the new grammar point.
Students recycle and consolidate the vocabulary taught and they see the new grammar in context first.

Unit 3
‘Grammar And Skills’

The grammar rules are provided in a comprehensive way for the speech target age.
Grammar practice exercises for classwork and/or homework. Skills practice to reinforce vocabulary and grammar taught.

Unit 4
‘Enjoy Language And Produce’

Speaking and writing tasks to engage the learners in realistic communication using the vocabulary and grammar taught.
Learning to use the language realistically offers the best type of advertisement for parents at home.

Look Inside The Book

Look Inside The Book