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The ‘A-Z online teaching & learning’ course

Welcome to the most innovative, practical and cost-effective course about online teaching in the market. It aims directly to teachers & school owners (in groups or ‘one2one’ mode) with limited or no experience in online teaching. At the end of the course you will be able to: * set up different types of online tuition, * be an expert in using educational technologies, * manage and motivate learners online, * adapt and manage the course book for online teaching, * organise synchronous & asynchronous activities, * adopt hundreds of read-to-use ideas, * have access to ‘time-saving’, free of charge applications, platforms & sites, * create your own digital materials … 

More course references: * Qualities of the ideal online teacher * The right equipment, setting up & ZOOM expertise * Synchronous / asynchronous / blended / hybrid teaching in REAL CLASSES * Synchronous and asynchronous platforms which is the right one for you? * Engaging and motivating learners * Comparing f2f and online lessons * Many ready-to-use e-activities for all levels * Fascinating apps ready-to-use for all levels * Adapting the course book to online teaching * SPECIAL: Young Learners online * The psychology of the online learner * The Language school in the post-COVlD era (for School Owners only) focusing on commerciality and financial issues directly related to e-learning. * UNIQUE: A tour in a digital school

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